(centre distance between vertical elements )



Dividing Partition mm.250 - 500 - 750 - 1000 - 1250 - 1500 mm.100 mm.2176-2720-3265
Equipped Partition mm.500 - 1000 mm.430 mm.2176-2720-3265
Integrated Partition mm.500 - 1000 mm.512 mm.1138-2176
  The module of 250mm is exclusively foreseen as a technical module, for compensation and/or as an element for electrical wiring 

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Dividing partition



It consists of:
  • Profile - 1,0mm thick zinc-plated sheet-steel. Moulded and pressure bent with a ‘U’ section of 60x32mm. The profile is fixed by nags or, if necessary, by adhesive. It constitutes  the upper and lower sealing  and is completed by an elastic phono  absorbent gasketalization .
  • Vertical structure pieces - 1,5mm thick structure steel. Inside and outside zinc plated. Section of 60x25mm with 60x25mm holes for wiring  . The vertical structure pieces are provided each 32mm with 5mm diameter holes to allow to fix the 2mm thick moulded steel squares bound to block the horizontal structure pieces and fix the steel pins of 5x45mm which are necessary to hook the panels.  In front and on the back there is an elastic phono-absorbent gasket which guarantees a perfect adhesion of the panels and eliminates possible acoustic transmission. Upon request they are provided with upper fillers for the differences between floor and ceiling. Maximum 70mm. 
  • Horizontal structure pieces - 1,5mm thick zinc-plated steel pieces. Moulded and pressure bent with a section of 60x25mm. They determine the width of the modules. They are joined to the vertical elements by means of moulded zinc-plated  2mm thick steel square, which are fixed by  self-threading screws. The system allows to easily  disassemble single modules if necessary. They are provided with the same gaskets used for the vertical elements.
  • Adjustments      The vertical adjustment can be obtained by using the regulator. It brings the whole structure to a common level.  The regulator is fixed at the bottom of the vertical elements and its function is to even out up to -/+20mm. 
It consists of:

      A double chip-board panel of 18mm thickness, laminated on both sides with melamine paper with finishing PE, in clear neutral colours, in E1 class (formaldehyde content as per UNI/DIN rule). The vertical sides of the panel are finished with 1,5mm  rounded ABS and the horizontal sides are finished with 0,5mm ABS. The panels  are fixed to both sides of the structure through 1,5mm zinc-plated squares which are hooked to the vertical elements. The filler elements are fixed to the structure by   blued steel pressure-springs. 

  • Back panels and plinths   - They are fitted in independently and form a air space of 60mm between to fronts and a cleft  of 5mm width .
  • Upper and side filler  -   These elements finish the dividing partition perfectly against the ceiling and the side walls. They have a minimum width of 75mm but their maximum dimension depends on your needse .














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Equipped partition



It consists of:
  • Vertical  pieces - they  are in 25mm thick chip-board, laminated on both sides  with melamine paper with ‘6’ finishing, in clear neutral colours, in E1 class (formaldehyde content as per UNI/DIN rule). Each 32mm they are provided with 5mm diameter holes which are necessary to fix the doors, backs,  plinths and horizontal and vertical fillers (small threaded steel bars, pins, plates for hinges, shelf-supports). On the perimeter they are edged with 1,5mm rounded ABS on the vertical sides and 0,5mm on the horizontal sides. The regulators for the horizontal adjustments are positioned on the lower side of the element and even out up to -/+ 20mm. 25mm .
  • Horizontal pieces     they are in 25mm thick chip-board ( see above). They determine the width of the modules. They join the vertical pieces by means of two cams on each side which hold the tie-rods fixed on the vertical elements. On the perimeter they are edged with 1,5mm rounded ABS on the longer sides and 0,5mm ABS on the shorter sides.
  • Adjustments -  Adjustments are carried out by means of the regulator like the dividing partition. They are fixed on the vertical elements and adjustable from the interior. 
It consists of:
  •  Backpanels -          in 18mm thick chip board,  with the same characteristics of the product used for the dividing partitions. Their measures are standard; they can be inserted independently and finish the back of the modules.
  • Doors - their installation is made with invisible moulded-steel hinges with an opening of 110° or, upon request, 180°. They are provided with a knob and, upon request, with a rotating rod lock with external knob. The doors are provided with a rabbet in coextruded PVC .
  •  Crystal doors -The tempered crystal is in ‘EU’ grey  colour and has a thickness of 5/6mm. They are fixed to the structure elements by adjustable moulded steel hinges which allow an opening of 110°. 



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Integrated partition

It consists of standard modules of dividing wall, integrated by equipped elements, without back-panels. Cabinets can be constructed with them. 

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Access doors

They consist of:  extruded aluminium frames, varnished  after degreasing, pickling, neutralisation, gold chromium-plating with 15 micron mat epoxy varnishes and/or with 10/12 micron silver anodized varnishes. The doors may be either in wood or in crystal. The wood doors are internally filled with honeycomb structure and MDF sheets. The outer finish is plastic laminated. The total thickness is 45mm. The door is fixed by 3 hinges. The crystal door is made of 10mm thick tempered crystal, transparent or moulded. The doors come with handles with Hoppe locks .

The light of the doors is  mm865x2110H


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Glass panels

They consist of : extruded aluminium frames, varnished after removing of grease, pickling, neutralisation, gold chromium-plating with 15 micron mat epoxy varnishes and/or with 10/12 micron silver anodized. They are provided with soft PVC gaskets and their standard  glass surfaces can be of monolithic or transparent crystal, 6mm float, tempered or stratified 3+3 (Security glasses – Decree law 626) .

In case of double glasses, the room between the two glasses can host blinds, which can be oriented through manual or electrical remote control .


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Electrical wiring

The dividing wall is foreseen to host electrical wiring through its horizontal elements, in the 250mm modules, at the sides of the access doors, in the moulded holes of the vertical elements, on the side fillers and in the joining corners. 

The switches and current-taps may be fixes to any panels, besides glass panels. 

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They are in 25mm thick melamine chip board or, as an alternative, in moulded pressure bent sheet-steel. They are foreseen for vertical filing. .

Pull out frames

 The 1000mm modules are available on total extraction telescopic guides.

Support for dress-hanger

Extractable,  5/7 hangers


Panels in chemically neutral glass-fibre-wool, flame-proof, not hygroscopical. Thickness: 60mm; density: 22. 

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